Who We Are &

Why We Do This

The main goal of this community is to have a space where filmmaker can grow. Where people who are interested in film, including people completely new to filmmaking, can feel at home. We were all beginners once, and this community is exactly what we would have wanted when we were coming up. This is an extremely warm and inviting group and we make sure that people who may feel intimidated by the equipment, the process, and their lack of knowledge are welcome.

In 2016 Klaus started this community (thanks Klaus!) not just for networking, but to make films happen by putting those people who have an idea for a film in the same room with those people eager to help out so that films could get made. Thus was born the Pitch and Planning Session. He created the Drink, Watch, Talk event, a short film screening that often hosted local filmmakers showing off their work and answering questions from the audience. And he held weekend workshops to teach the fundamentals of filmmaking with a very hands-on approach. There is no better way to learn than by getting stuck in to it!

Alex and Linda have been a part of the Berlin Film Community since very early on and joined with Klaus to grow this thriving community into the powerhouse it has now become. From the early days of just a few people to now over 20,000 people and full events every time, we are all very proud of our amazing second family and we love leading both the real world, as well as virtual community and are proud to see it continually grow and evolve.

Alex DePew



I live for filmmaking. Being on set is my happy place. When I am leading my team and working to help make someone else’s vision come to life, I give everything I have.

My passion for filmmaking along with my extroverted nature led to me leading this community and to teaching what I love. Hearing about the projects that were completed because of the group, seeing the friendships that have formed, and getting messages of thanks for my work make leading this group a truly fulfilling experience.

Linda Paganelli

Documentary Filmmaker

Linda is probably documenting the last ethnic group in the middle of nowhere or looking into the untold story next door. As documentary filmmaker she always finds herself in very surreal/controversial/at risk situations. She definitely knows how to gain access and build trust, but never ask her to think stereotypically. She is greedy to find new filming adventures.

Klaus Salminen


Klaus Salminen is a director, producer, DOP, editor, scriptwriter, actor and filmmaking mentor. Klaus has produced and directed a vast number of productions ranging from narrative and documentary, short and feature films and commercial projects. Since 2009 he has run 3 production companies, currently Nordic Media House. In 2016 he founded Berlin Film Community with the aim to form collaborations with independent filmmakers in Berlin. He co-produced a feature-length anthology film “Should I Stay or Should I Leave” (2015) with support from the European Union, which consists of 5 short films made in 5 European countries on the topic of internal migration. The latest production is “I Don’t Want To Be Just A Memory” in 2024 that won the composition award in dok.fest Münich and that is currently on its festival round.

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