Pitch & Planning Session

People make films, not equipment. The idea of this event is very simple. Put people who have an idea for a movie and people who want to work on movies in the same room. Let the people with an idea pitch their idea to the room and then let them all meet up and discuss and plan. Like many simple ideas, it is a very powerful one. Without this physical place to meet it’s a lot harder to get a start for people without experience or connections. There are many film networking events going on all the time in Berlin, but this event is focused on helping people get films made. We meet once a month and welcome all levels. Come on down and either pitch your idea or listen to others pitch theirs.


Do you have an idea for a film that you want to make? Do you need help working on the script, planning, shooting, or editing of your idea? This event gives you the chance to pitch your idea and what you need to a room full of people eager to help. You can ask for help at any stage of the filmmaking process. We make sure that this isn’t a pressure filled environment and this event is open to first time filmmakers. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community that invites people to grow and learn. We know how hard it is to figure out how to make your ideas a reality, especially as a beginner, this is the event we wished we had when we just starting out.


Are you excited simply at the thought of working on a film? Maybe you work on film projects that aren’t fulfilling and need to do something more creative. Or you are a student who just graduated and are looking to start applying what you’ve learned. Perhaps you have always wanted to work in film, but didn’t know how to get a start? This event is tailored not only to the people with ideas, but also to those people wanting to express themselves by working on set. This event brings in people from complete beginners to people with years of specialized film experience. The thing that brings them all together is a love of the process and a passion for film.

Pitch & Planning Session

Date: For the next dates please follow us on either:
Facebook or Meetup
Time: 19:30
Space Meduza Bar
Skalitzerstr. 80, 10997 Berlin


Berlin Film Community

We meet at Space Meduza bar – 80 Skalitzerstr.,  10997 Berlin

Notes from previous Pitch & Planning Sessions


Notes from Pitch & Planning #47 - July 3, 2024

Hello All! We had an amazing Pitch and Planning Session this past Wednesday. For those who couldn’t make it, below are the pitches as best and quickly as I could transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly.
Thanks and see you at the next one!
A man is convinced his neighbor is a vampire. The authorities takes him in to a psychiatric ward.
2 days end of July 28/29
Small budget for film equipment and such

Looking for:
Set Designer for 2 Apts
Makeup Artist

Tess Masero Brioso
Fiction Feature film has 2 Spanish Production Companies involved looking for potential coproduction companies in Germany or France. Looking for 2 million in funding in total.

Social drama with a thriller twist. The fear of loneliness and letting go and what a person can do when they can’t control things.

A daughter falls in love with a man who is not very engaged with her. The mom then pretends to be the man the daughter likes.

Looking for:

A woman goes to a cellar and sees pictures from WWII and then opens up a door to that time period.

Will shoot in one of the upcoming weekends.
Will be mostly single shots. Will be doing VFX to show WWII scenes.

Looking for :
Female Actress native German speaker

Lea Simon
2 hour feature film in German about Hungary.
Historical Political film that has already been made. Covers the last 400 years of the Hungarian experience. Made for the German and European market.

Looking for a distributor in Europe, but doesn’t want a Hungarian distributor due to the political situation and blacklisting.

Looking for:
Producer who can give advice about finding a German speaking company regarding distribution so that she doesn’t get ripped off.

Amr Galal
Romantic drama feature film in Arabic
Already made one feature film that is on Amazon Prime
Egyptians girl who is pressured by her family to go to Germany. Meets a very chill German guy who speaks Arabic. She faces the consequences when her family comes and sees him in the apartment.
Self financed low budget.
Looking For:

10-15 minutes long
Sci fi Comedy
A jealous guy from the future takes a guided tour to the past to try to find his estranged girlfriend. In the past he has a translation unit that uses a very old German translation. He only has 30 minutes to try and find her as he can’t afford a longer trip.
He then has a friend to go has a time accident where he seems his great great great grand father having sex and it end his existence.

He manages to find his girlfriend who has overstayed her trip and remained in the past and the guy she is now with. He goes to punch him but realizes it is actually him but older.

The camera is very point of view with an interface that explains facts of the time.

Shooting last week of August 26-30 or so. 1 1/2 hr north of Berlin in Brandenburg

Looking for:

Teresa Piontek

Proof of concept to send to production companies
Short film
Fantasy coming of age film in the fae world. Think lord of the rings. Everyone can control the elements except for Ellen. She is a fish out of the water. She travels to the human world and sees that people are like her. She p

3 shooting days
2nd of August to 4th of August
I’m Brandenburg

Looking for:
Art director
Sound designer
Light assistant
Set runner
2nd pitch
Short film “Social influence”
Shooting Dates: July 23rd – 25th in Neukölln
Genre: drama, comedic elements
Languages: German and English
Logline: A toxic relationship between two roommates leads to critical health consequences.
Synopsis: When Eleonor moves in with Fenya as a new roommate, not only Fenya’s everyday life changes but also her self-perception. Eleanor’s initially positive influence on Fenya is increasingly overshadowed by her teasing comments. Driven by self-doubt and Eleanor’s persuasion, Fenya takes weight loss pills that have a massive impact on her health. A film about the dangers of social media, self-perception and the desire for recognition.
Looking for:
Color grading

Handaa Rea
Wrote a book called Stigmatized
Looking to adapting this book into a film

Looking for advice to make this happen

The book Stigma is about someone’s shame about their identity. Takes place in Mongolia with a 15 year old girl who has Tuberculosis. There is a huge taboo around it and people have to hide the fact that they have this diseases. Follows the girls journey to overcome this stigma and eventually overcome the disease itself.

Delas with feeling of “If TB happened to me I must be unworthy. I have it cause I am poor, because I didn’t eat well, because of other reasons.” But sometimes things happen for no reason. Trying to fight stigma and reach more people by making a film with a human story to touch more people.

Working on screenplay hopefully finished by October.

Looking for:
Coffee chats to get advice from:
Screen Writer

Notes from Pitch & Planning #43 - March 6, 2024

Hello All! We had an amazing Pitch and Planning Session this past Wednesday. For those who couldn’t make it, below are the pitches as best and quickly as I could transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Lucas Waclawczyk
Insta: lucaswzyk
Mail: info@lucaswac.com

5 year project. Feature film was made out of a gala event where the acting happened in the middle of the event without the gala attendees knowing.

Looking to take the existing story and make this movie happen annually over the next five years.

Also looking Short videos for social media.

Looking for:
A writer
An editor
Finance for movies – CFO of a young startup


Short film
Applying for funding.

The Green Border – Polish Belarussian border story.

Small cute white dog going for a walk on a leash, pulling on the leash. In Poland bear the border. Before the tensions rose the dog was easy going.

Dog owner is trying to train and control the dog. It isn’t about the owner so much tho.
She talks to her friend about the dog. the fiancee of the friend is a military person and says that he will tell his boys to

The dog gets off the leash and runs away and the next day the dog comes back dirty. The dog has notes and photos attached to its harness.

Hoping to shoot in Poland

Looking for:
German based producer

Marcel Flock
Email: mars09415@gmail.com Instagram: Marcel.Flock15
Facebook: Marcel Flock
Danny Goodman

Twisted Choices
Feature film
Story about the music business and how it sucks people in and holds people down. A woman finds a way to free herself from this system but faces repercussions.

Character study on a psychological level. A singer vanishes from the spotlight and the record label tries to her her back by threatening to sue her.

She also has a secret identity where she lives a double life and there is a danger that the record producer will reveal her secret life.

Looking for:
Production design
Costume design
Financing – Co-Producer

Looking to shoot in August

Danny Goodman

Gang of Vermin
Financing by NFT for tickets or other items
Become a member of the pool
Will potentially have a say in the making of the film.

Short film – like reservoir dogs
Who dunnit about diamond thieves. Looking for the rat who sold them out.

Looking for:
NFT knowledgeable person
Social media person

Kimberly Mareen
Ig: kimberlymareen
Make a movie in one day.

3 minutes
A poem that has been turned into music. Wants to brainstorm about the visual aspect of filming it.
No budget. A nice time, food provided.

Inspired by the monotone times we are living in. Something dark getting transformed into something light.

Looking for:
Collaborators who will have a say as well

Mayari Quiñónez
Directing short film
Truth untold
5-6 minutes

Young couple get into an argument when the male character hasn’t done the dishes and the female feels she is doing all the work.

Looking for:
Man and woman – mid to late 20’s

Shooting days 11th & 15th of April.

Email: crasherscollective@gmail.com
Instagram: _dashakostina_
This must be the place

Toxic Mother daughter relationship
Turbine syndrome

They are in a house and the daughter is thinking of moving out. The turbines are spinning and they get into a huge fight. The mother gets mad at the daughter and pushes her and she dies.

We then go into the works of stop motion witg claymation. The mother leaves the house and looks strange due to the filming. She deals with the repercussions. She gets back into the apartment and the daughter is there and the daughter is there. She then repeats the pattern as a turbine would turn.

Building a set in a 90’s Slavic style
English language
7-10 minutes

Looking for:

Sound recordist
Daughter – 18-24
Mother 40-60

Shooting April 18-19

Notes from Pitch & Planning #42 - November 1, 2023

We had a very solid turnout at the last Pitch & Planning Session with lots of great pitches. The descriptions below are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information than I am posting. I hope to see you at the next one!

Ben [https://www.facebook.com/dr.sharpwrite] and Ulf [https://www.facebook.com/ulfgroote/]

Currently starting Salto de Fido [https://saltofido.org/], a “10,000 € movie” booster club, which finances and distributes Berlin-based micro-budget feature films. They are looking for filmmakers and non-filmmakers, who want to support film and the arts as volunteers.
If you want to know more, if you have a Berlin-based micro-budget feature film idea that you can make for 10,000 €, or if you (or someone you know) want to network, get mentoring, and support filmmakers as a volunteer, visit https://saltofido.org

1st test film is already being shot.
Get updates from the
Email newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/saltofido/newsletter

Yusuke Sato
Short film about middle aged couple who lost an old friend who is a pianist. This takes place in a cafe church and park and is about the 40 minute break during the funeral. One simple conversation that changes their life.
Inspired by Ghost Story.

Looking for:
Sound person
30’s male
30’s female
60’s male pastor
Makeup artist
Set Designer
Dec/Jan shooting


Drew McGee
5 pages
Neue Nosferatu
Outside of a Späti. Couple of working class guys drinking. One is bullying the other asking him why he isn’t hanging out with him. Black cat, bulky cuts his hand. The loner wants to suck his hand. He has been suffering trying to hold back his “hunger”. Vampire buddies come in and tell him they knew he would succumb.

Looking for:
All roles

Looking to shoot before the holidays. Late Nov. early Dec.

Tom Schildberg
Short Narrative film – 30 minutes
Shooting in 2 weeks
1981 in Leipzig.
The last official execution in Germany
Herman Lawrence was the last executioner. He went into retirement because of health issues. He has hand hand tremors. He gets brought out of retirement after a year. The method they want to employ is to shoot someone in the back of the head when the subject doesn’t expect it. He says he can’t do it and finds an old colleague, Folger, to be his successor. Herman finds himself mirrored in this younger man. When Folger finds out that the subject is a politically persecuted person he decides he can’t do it. Herman then decides to do it knowing that what he is doing is wrong.

Looking for:
All roles outside of DP
All actors


Short Film
Inspired by a true story. Social worker and his client are about to pick up garbage from a park. He is annoyed normally. But this time he is anxious and concerned. He is deflecting when asked what is wrong. He sees at the park a mother, father, and child and acts weird. The social worker gets a call from the police that they have a warrant for his arrest. The community service worker tries to distract him. The client bolts. The social worker tackles him. When asked what happens. He says that he hit someone with his car and that he knows that he won’t see his daughter who is in the hospital one more time. Will he hold him there or trust him and let him go?

Looking for:
2 main actors
Any help with crew
Sound recordist
Camera assistant
Location scout/help
Shooting within the next couple weeks

Ilya Blokh
12-15 minutes
A day in the life of a ping pong table.
Who are the people who come, why do they play? Looking for characters.
April/may when weather gets nicer

Looking for:
Sound person
Producer/Assistant Producer
German person to help

Short film from Molière – Tartuffe
Shooting this Saturday a very short scene in font of Babelsberg Castle around 10am
Looking for:
Lighting assistant to shoot for one hour
Holding a bounce board
Coffee and cake for sure provided

Lupo Chalwa

Media production company
Looking for people who want to get startup experience

Notes from Pitch & Planning #40 - September 06, 2023

We had a decent turnout at the last Pitch & Planning Session with lots of great pitches. The descriptions below are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information than I am posting. I hope to see you at the next one!

Lea Simon
Premiering her film soon, in November. Has worked on the film for 3 years.
She needs help working on the subtitles.
Art house film. 2 hours b/w film about the Hungarian history. Made for the German audience. Trans generation trauma. Trying to connect Eastern and Western Europe.

Looking for:
English native to help with a few pages of dialogue.
Middle/end of September

Ali Schmahl
Producer of feature films – Has 6 projects in the works. Has proof of concepts for three of the projects and is happy to show them.

Looking for:
Production Assistants
To work unpaid at first and then paid later when finance is acquired. You will be paid per the minimum wage according to the Verdi Union from your start date

1 or 2 days per week
About 4-5 hours per day
Can work remote

Mark Esper
20 min short film about an influencer and her friend who have massive problems.
Not funded

Looking for:
A location scout

Rivu Bhattacharya
Equipment is provided but unpaid
1)Gaffer for horror short 12 minutes. Shoot in Brandenburg

2)Looking for an editor for a film finished through the BFC
A pickpocket from a war torn country who has his heart broken.
12-15 minutes
Deadline 17/09
Looking for:
Editor to help continue with the editing

Gülce Öztürk
Serial Dater
Shooting her first film Sunday and Monday
A woman in her 30’s having terrible experiences on dating apps. At the end she thinks she finds the one. At the end she gets ghosted
Looking for:
2nd AD
Script Supervisor
Assistant Editor

Paul Henschel
Music video about people who change themselves over time. Someone looks like a motorcycle rider and then they later look old and

Looking for:
Makeup artist

Emily Nixon
Looking for: help finding agency lists and lists of funding organizations.

Notes from Pitch & Planning #39 - August 02, 2023

We had a really great turnout at the last Pitch & Planning Session with lots of great pitches. The descriptions below are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information than I am posting. I hope to see you at the next one!

Shooting – Sunday Aug 13th

The story of the struggle to find a flat in Berlin

1 Actress and 1 Actor

We see someone who looks like they are going to a casting call for a movie only to later understand that it is actually an interview for a flat instead of for a role. Very non-PC script with awkward dialogue. Making fun of veganism, global warming and lactose intolerance.

Looking for:
Camera operator
Boom operator
With some equipment
Art director


Is a trained psychologist looking to make a documentary about communication and conflict resolution between two real people who have very different point of views. Mask vs non-mask, Brexit, non-lethal weapons for the police, etc.

She will Interview each participant to prepare for a filmed mediation between. Listening to feelings and needs and their humanity so that we understand these people.

People will be interviewed separately and then the video will be shown to their partner/friend. The goal is to try and see how they can better interact and find a solution.

Looking for:
Advice about how to film and produce.

Gülce Öztürk
Instagram – @bougainvilleaglabra

Short film
Dimensionsal Duet
10-20 min

Protagonist is a female architect who stays home, does yoga, works from home and has a generally steady routine. One day at 3am she falls asleep at her computer with a song playing.

She wakes up with the same song playing, but with slightly different lyrics. She finds herself in a different apartment with different clothes on. She is being called by people who consider her a friends who are telling her that she is late for her gig as a singer.

The woman is inhabiting an alternate version of herself.

She hears the other universal version of herself and they have to sing the same song together in order to return to their original universe/reality.

Has the story, but making it into a script and needs help with that.

Looking for:
Help with the script
Actress who can sing

Gianna Rahmani

5 friends are living in a flat and are told by the landlord that they need to move out so that the landlord’s son who is a yuppie can move into his apt. One of the roommates is a middle class German who feels oppressed because she

They have a party in the flat and get angry about the state and how it protects the landlords. The group of friends decide to go to the landlords apt and occupy it. When they get there they catch him boning his secretary. They all argue about who is the most deserving person to take over his apartment.

Has very snarky dialogue. Has first 5 pages of script are ready as well as the treatment. Working on the rest and should be ready in a month.

Looking for:
All roles

Clara Polka

Short film which is half composed, half improvised and very heavily influenced by the music.
Looking to shoot around August.

A series of episodes of psychological problems in a thriller. Not dialogue heavy. Will rely heavily on music. Making the first episode as a proof of concept.

Narcissistic family has a boy who is born on a very fancy bed, but the bed has an infestation of bed bugs. Only the person who is sleeping on the bed know about the bed bugs. His family tell him the persistent symptoms he has is normal. He grows up knowing nothing but this experience. The bed bugs are animated and talk to him. There is also an animated bird or fairy who will try to help him.

He needs to learn that he can just get rid of this bed, but letting go of discomfort is difficult. Leaves the question to the audience of what is best.

Looking for:
Fancy apt/house
Male actor
Small boy
All crew

Victoria Likholyot
Inspired by a 19th century French novel Emile Zola “La Terre”

Between video art and art house.
Take the sense of this novel and translate into visual imagery.
Binary opposition between earth and heaven
Progress and traditions, male and female power.
Has reference images and a short script
How to show the text through the visual

Looking for:
People ok with making strange naked things

Rick Hübner
(Projekt Berlin UNCOVERED)
Mocumentary in the style of Californication

YouTube series with Instagram cut downs
5 episodes per seasons with 5 seasons
Based on real life experiences mixed with fiction

Shooting on iPhone
Cringey comedy a portrait of an actor who has been on many sets and done many roles. Every episode has one girl that he has a “relationship” with.

At the beginning of the next episode the woman from the end of the last episode leaves his apt.

Looking to start end of Sept. Trying to finish the season by the end of December.

Looking for:
Audio person
Lighting person
Producer to find locations

Rivu Bhattacharya

Short film about a Ukrainian refugee who has come to Berlin. He is a pickpocket. At one station he gets caught by someone who says he is not welcome at this station.
Berlin is principal character and we are seeing him from different perspectives.
We see perspective of person being robbed.

About the different things you can see when you have your eyes open.

He gets beat up badly, which we don’t see, by henchmen from a different gang of Berlin.

Looking for:
Two big guys to beat up the sickly skinny guy
Sound design
Background music for the film

Jacob Harrison
(I don’t have your contact details, please reach out if you see this)
Surface tension – short film
10 pages
Self funded

5 friends who are romantically entangled in complicated ways.

One character deeply kisses another in front of this very complicated group and betrayal and violence ensure.

Messy camera work, looking for a raw look.

Shooting late Sept.

Looking for:
2 actors
All roles- Camera, lighting, audio

Benedikt Roth
Mocumentary project for TikTok

Sitcom in TikTok format where the story will get tailored by feedback from comments.

Office, Veep, Parks and Rec influenced

Improvising as well as scripted

Looking for:
Co-Producer/Co-writer basically a collaborator
Maybe lighting

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100088900857727

Horror/comedy short film
Around 15 minutes
In the style of Drag me to Hell – B-movie horror style
A group of 5 friends go to a party. One of the friends, named Josh, is super drunk. They push him into driving home and he crashed his car and dies. He comes back from the other side in order to haunt his friends. The friends look for a priest and other spiritual people to fight off Jacob.

Looking for:
Sound recordist
Lighting design
Makeup artist

Notes from Pitch & Planning #37 - April 12, 2023

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session yesterday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information. I hope to see you at the next one!
Olga Lisitskaya
insta: @studioukraine
Man decides to wear a raincoat and nothing else and flash people. The story is about the difference between his expectations and the reality he faces.
He meets two girls in a Berlin park, one is a photographer and the other is a painter and he doesn’t get the reaction he expects by flashing them. They are excited at the artistic opportunity to photography and paint him.
Kino loop project
Looking for:
Script writer or script consultant
One female actress
Student film.
Man works a boring job
magic AD appears and illuminated him
he wants to become creative and goes to workshops. talking in his phone throughout the whole movie.
always postponing meeting his friends and tries to become creative and fulfilled person in one day. he oversaturate his day with creative workshops and postpone all his meetings to night
He goes home and falls asleep and his phone battery dies.
Then wakes up and his small room is filled with bunch of people trying to get him on a phone.
Story about the burden we carry in our smartphones and how influential our phones are in our life + theme of overloading oneself with bunch of stuff at once
Looking for:
Sound recordist
Sound designer
Extras – around 50
The Silence
15 minute short movie for Catalyst Film School
A taxi driver who can read people’s mind wants silence. He kills people to get this silence. He meets a woman who has no thoughts and he is immediately attracted to her, but she has a lot of traumas and ends up taking her own life leaving him alone.
Looking to shoot starting next week and over the next two weeks for around 6 days in total.
Looking for:
Sound recordist
Sound designer
Camera person
Makeup artist
Pitch 1 of 2
Exit Strategy a Berlin Story – Documentary film
How he and his daughter came to live in a bus in the middle of berlin 900 meters from the Fernsehturm.
Grandfather, father and daughter all live(d) in Germany.
In his grandfather’s time German law made it illegal to marry a Jewish man so his grandmother moved to London.
Grandfather died in Auschwitz, later giving giving him German citizenship. Story of how people lost familial bonds and cultural identity.
Looking to bring people together to understand the trauma and help to learn how to heal it.
2 weeks away from losing his parking spot. He has had to move around during the pandemic.
A Beautiful Life meets Forest Gump
9 decade story in the making
Busland is a 4mx6m space
Looking for:
Producer who can help find funding or attachment to a production company
Pitch 2 of 2
9 part series of people who live in buses.
First episode is about a painter living in a 50 year old combi.
Another character is a digital artist living in a fully decked out spaceship like bus with all the amenities.
Looking for:
Kezia Kos
Keziah Kos (facebook)
insta keziakos
7 Book series, several books already done, all books drafted.
Each book has a different theme and will be a season of a TV show.
KINTSUGI is a book series which explores mental health, family devotion and family duty, at the same time that studies the path and the consequences of making a cut off from a narcissistic family.
With a delusional mom, chronically depressive dad, schizophrenic brother, and an undiagnosed psycho grandma, Kez’s family meetings were always interesting to say the least.
​When tragedy strikes too close to home, she has no choice other than to return to her home country and face the reality she left behind when she put an ocean and nine thousand miles between herself and her family.
With her mother dead and her father in grave condition, Kez must face her past, even if threatens to destroy whatever is left of her sanity.
Looking for:
Person to help turn her book into a TV series
Cowriter for the scripts
Ideas how to pitch the series for funding
Patrick Chen
YouTube Channel about Contemporary issues and how they are viewed amongst Berlin locals: examples: climate change / policies food Berlin government. We are not an official news outlet. The videos are intended to be educative, but also humorous character, and inspire productive discussion.
Language: German / English
Work Reference: “berlinschmeckt”
Looking for:
Someone to collaborate with him on YouTube videos.

Notes from Pitch & Planning #36 - February 01, 2023

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session yesterday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information. I hope to see you at the next one!
Pitch 1 of 2
A guy gets kicked our off his WG. He signs up to work at a coworking space and live there to have a home. Has a gym and a shower as well. A commentary on the temporary way of clocking in and out of space. Also a love story that has a bit if a territorial natute. The banality of coworking spaces, the glamorized by some nature of being unhoused.
Pitch 2 of 2
Patch of paradise
Comedy about Dachas (those areas with gardens and tiny houses) A dark comedy how each patch of grass is someone’s idenity. People blame each other based on their dachas features for the murder of one of their own. There is also jealousy and sexual tension. In the style of White Lotus.
Garden gnomes are featured
Looking for:
A collaborative writer

Sofie B. Løvereide
Short film
Beth has a lot of struggles. She is walking her bike to the bike shop. She had a sexual encounter the other night where she changed her mind while she was in the middle if the act, but didn’t tell her partner. She is talking about how it feels afterwards with her friends. About why didn’t she say anything.

1 day shoot – mid to late Feb.

Looking for:

Hubert Wolanski
Action/Drama/Martial Arts teaser or short film to lead to a feature.
Hero’s journey. Bad guy saves the hero at the end. Corrupted town hall, a girlfriend, and a gang. No wire work, all practical. Visuals are very important. Three factions interacting with each other.

Looking for:
Later on:
All production roles

Danny Goodman
At the end of 2000’s a young man moves to Berlin and loses his grip on normal life after getting dumped by his girlfriend. Danny Boyle style, ala Trainspotting. Character study. Berlin drug and party life drags him down. He is haunted and tries to suppress his emotions.
Protagonist and two best friends

Looking for:
Collaborative writer

Rachel Schoeppenthau
Instagram: @rahelschoeppenthau
What if in your mid 30’s you have to start from a completely blank space? A Woman has an accident but can only remember the music from a specific band. The music is the second main character. She is not interested in her recovering her past, but more concerned with how to start over again as a child would and how to live her life. The music is her orientation. The music may send her bad ways.
Swedish band Tonbruket was the inspiration.

Musicians will write the score and writers will work on the story simultaneously. The music and script both need to be finished before the shoot will take place. Musicians and writers will send Information back and forth.

Looking for:
Screenwriter to help with the ideas

Sooraj Pv
Pitch 1 of 2

Story of a son who dreams of his father as a German soldier from WWII and how his father deals with his the PTSD even still. In the dream a French and a German soldier are in combat and the French solider gets killed. Son wakes up from his dream of what his father went through. He goes into the corner of the room and is extremely emotional. His wife gets up and takes care of him. Situation traumatizes the kids of the German parents. And it broke up his parent’s relationship.

Looking for:
All production roles

Pitch 2 of 2
Sci-fi short film
Enthusiastic paleontologist travels back in time to learn about a goddess who disappeared from an old civilization. She gets stuck in the past and befriends and helps the cave men who worshipped this goddess. She then closes the loop becoming their goddess and only realizing when she gets rescued and returned to her present.

Looking for:
All Production help.

IG: anjarueegg_
Mail: anja.rueegg@bluewin.ch
Five in the light
Has absolutely no idea what the movie is about and no script. Her and her friends made up a title and told people at a few film festivals that they were working on this mysterious project, which got them some word of mouth promotion. . Now they want to make it real and have something to take to next years film festivals.
Looking for:
Writer to help with script

Maristela Ávila
Short Film
Approx 40 min
How you learn to love yourself. A self-love story. Finding the love in your veins. All Human beings are the same.
A woman has no physical contact. All things are done to limit human interaction.
Shooting from the 28th of Feb.
Also have a Filmmaker group called Filmmakers and Movie Nerds which meets on Sundays.
Looking for:
Actor 40’s or older
Actor 30’s
All genders are ok
Assistant Director

Has shot a lot of material. Outdoor shoots in a documentary style and inside one that are much more pornographic in nature. The two are linked but it’s not yet exactly clear.

Looking for:
Editor to help make sense of it.

2-3 minutes. One take film. A man is Frozen in place in the forest. Deepak didn’t want to give away the story.
shooting is Feb 18th in Moabit.

Looking for:

Actress and actors and Extras
Pitch 2 of 2
The Assassins Creed (title is a WIP)

A man hires a Hitman to kill him as he is too chicken to kill himself.
Shooting in Mullberg.

Looking for:
Male Protagonist
Actress to play the assassin

Notes from Pitch & Planning #32 - October 12, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please reach out only to the person by their link. I do not have more information. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Forrest McCuller

Adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Similar to the original novel and not at all like the
Disney version. A body horror movie. Beast is a big machine made of brass and with clockwork parts.

Involves dance and poetry. Dialogue written in prose.

Has a NYC Production house interested who is seeking funding.
Looking for:
Producer for grant search in Germany.

Anthony Mackliff

Short film about a Spanish family in Berlin who has many connections to their South American family.

Dinner scene that shows the dynamics of the Latino family. Mother of the main character dies. Film is about grief and how people react. Dealing with their dysfunctional family and the burial of his mother and a father who isn’t able to help out.

He is suppressing his feelings and eventually is able to release when he sees a mother in the park with a kid.

Shooting in November.

Looking for:
Spanish speaking actors – from Spain if possible. 60-65 years
or so.

Also looking to create a community of filmmakers
Actors of all languages, scriptwriter, DoP, sound, all positions.

Short music documentary. Already has a group of Ukrainian filmmakers. 5 minute video with musical elements of ethno based folk singing group. A thank you video to the German public. Goal is to have a dialogue between the newly arrived Ukrainian people and the German people to show Ukrainian culture and to show that we are all together.

Ukrainian folk group Divina. Them singing and telling their story’s in classical Berlin landmarks.

Filming in end of November

Looking for:
Budget of €7-8€K
Looking for help finding funding
Has most of the crew
Official support from a Verein, perhaps Vitsche.

1 of 2
Saga for Netflix or Amazon or possibly series.
Each episode is around 40-50 minutes. Show different situations that happen within each of our minds. Someone crying cause of Covid. Someone else doing yoga and feeling healthy.
Already shot the first episode of the series. A writer who is frustrated because his words are not coming to him. He had an accident with a girl on a bike. He then drunkenly meets the girl in the forest who tells him that he needs to find himself. She then takes him to his own funeral.
But he is not dead, the girl is dead. He finds that he needs to be more empathetic. Finds the girls mother and confronts his own problems.
Looking for:
Funding for audio visual elements in post
2 of 2

Second shoot is starting in early Nov. About Metaverse. What if we are not real, we are just an avatar. We are manipulated by social media. Get back our love for ourselves. Filters are giving back our live for ourselves. Lost the love we have for our own lives, our own personalities.

Our power is within us. We need a lot of empathy for all citizens of the world, regardless of country. Most important is the love for ourselves.
Looking for:
Actors for the new roles in English – open to all ages.


Movie about a young visual artist who falls in love with a woman he can only see through a super 8 camera. He follows her and then starts forming a relationship. Each interaction is only 3 min. long as that is the run time of a cartridge.

10-12 minutes

Looking for:
€500 budget – help
Guy and a girl who are English speaking
Deepak haridas
1 of 2

Metawold – Metamorphosis of a Wereworld

Shortest date ever. To be made for fun and YouTube. True life incident that happened to him. Will attempt 5 minute, single take short film. Two people meet through a dating app. Things go very awkwardly and end badly and quickly.
Early November shoot.

Looking for:
Male lead. Beer belly

2 of 2

Locked up
A depressed Ukrainian meets her alter ego who turns out to be her deceased mother. Traumatic event.

Looking for:
Mom around 35 year old
Psychologist – Female

Danting Chen
The necessity of it
Will be shot in Crete late April May.
Drama set in 80’s Greece. A painter grieves for her late daughter on an island when the absent father comes to visit, unaware of their daughter’s death.
20 minute film

Has a company in Athens, but looking for German funding.

6 day shoot. Shooting on Alexa Mini.

Looking for:
Producer to seek funding. To get free flights for the crew. Speaks German, English.
Social Media Manager
Unpaid, but all fees covered.

Documentary project about healings trauma through art. Will be self reflective story. Will also be about the justice system and a criticism of the system of law around sexual violence. Will also have elements of people in motion. Dancing, martial arts, etc. Wants different cultural backgrounds to be represented. Working against the stigma of mental health problems and the silence and guilt around sexual violence. Focus on healing and awareness.

30 minutes film or longer

Looking for:
Other interview subjects who are also survivors of sexual violence

All Crew:

Notes from Pitch & Planning #31 - June 8, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Jonathan Sebunya

Will be creating 4 different short films based on 4 songs he has written and recorded.

The first one ready to be filmed has one piano and one voice
Lyrics from the song for context: “Will it be like when we first met? Will I run away in the end? Will you run away in the end?”
Two people in love looking at each other in going through different emotions.
He has equipment ready to be used to film.

Looking For:
2 actors

Krasi Paskalev
Beginning April he shot a 20 min short film about three scientists from NASA who receive a transmission from an astronaut on the moon. Through their negligence they decide not to help him. Their boss comes in and yells at them. Has Seinfeld vibes.

Looking For:
Someone to create the VFX space ship that comes back down to Earth
Approximately 5 seconds of footage
Small budget
Middle August

90 minute feature film called Joyride about a Berlin couple Irina a 39 year old Ukrainian married to Paul, a German who teaches at a nursery school/ Together they have a 4 year old boy.

Viktor a Theater Director in Ukraine calls Irina to try to leave the country and not join the military. Paul refuses saying it is not his business.

Sofia who has escaped the war and is a friend of Irina wants to go back to Ukraine from Berlin. They decide to take her and bring back Viktor.

Road movie about German fear. Paul is fearful and a pacifist. Their 89 Volvo breaks down. They have plenty of time to discuss sex, relationships, war, and other topics.

They have to cross the border at a non-sanctioned place and after arguing, go to pick up Viktor from a datscha. They learn that he is being held by a lone Russian soldier who wants to defect to Germany. They have a tense exchange with the soldier.

During this Irina reveals to Paul that Viktor is actually the father of what he though was his child and this is the reason she wants to bring him to Germany. Irina gets shot and needs to get to a hospital and pacifist Paul needs to take action. They return to Berlin after things have massively changed.

10-15 days
DP and cast are already on board
Looking for:
All other positions
Script will be in a mix of German, English, and Ukrainian

Catherine Schulze
Short film
3-5 minute long short comedy
Has vibes from The Office And Ricky Gervais in general

A guy who goes to an audition and has to deal with an obnoxious and difficult director. The director leaves the room and someone within the room asks him if he thinks the director is a piece of shit. He answers yes and only after doing so realized that the camera is still rolling.

Looking for:
2 actors – 1 straight person and one comedian
Awkward situational comedy, breaking the fourth wall
Anyone willing to be a part of the crew

One day shoot. As soon as possible. Wry, fun shoot.
Tilting films

Notes from Pitch & Planning #30 - May 11, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Pitch # 1 of 2
The Lifeguard
Teen Thriller

Book series being adapted into a movie

A girl who comes to a holiday island to meet her boyfriend. There are a series of killings. You hear the murder’s and the victim both of whom present an omniscient narrator perspective which may be unreliable. It is a lot of chaos.

Looking for:
Beach setting
Beach tourists
Real lifeguard to discuss the role
People to develop the dialogue

Pitch #2 of 2
Title: I Like NY in June
Judy Galrland movie

Two characters walking through streets after college, doing interviews, getting photos taken for headshots.

Getting a dialogue going explaining what they are going through.

A person with a disability goes through this same events and how their perspective is different.

Based on Shakespear’s Julius Ceaser

Looking for:
Someone to help with script

Yves Guillaume
Coming of age series in a mixed martial arts world.
A boy and a girl come from toxic families
An older MMA fighter becomes a father figure and they form a family like environment. Theme is the family you choose versus the family you are born into. Likely dialogue will be in German.

Looking for:
A writing partner
MMA knowledgeable people

Linda Paganelli
A documentary project with the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.
Multimedia project looking for people who have had issues with gentrification.
Looking for:
Interview subjects – Someone who has had to move due to raising rents, an investor who wants to take over buildings and make more profit, people who have noticed the neighborhood change to a more gentrified one.
Pitch #1 of 2
Masters project
Documentary project. Personal story about relationship with brother. Her brother was admitted to a psychiatric ward. She boards a plane to Hungary and this changes her relationship to more of a mother figure. Story told through pictures from them as they were young as well as using actors to recreate the scenes.

To be shot in June and July

Looking for:
Editor (Spanish would be helpful)

Pitch #2 of 2
Teaser about hair loss and how it impacts men.
Documentary. Filming in the next two weeks.

Looking for:
People willing to talk about their experiences loosing their hair.

D Robert Errey
Short documentary film which will start out educating then switch to the hypothetical and fantastical future. Teaches about dementia. Then shifts to cryogenics and imagines what would happen if someone gets taken into the future. What about someone who suffers from dementia? Also, the idea of dementia being someone who has one foot in another dimension. How would this tie them to the after life? Maybe they are on their way into another dimension? Also how DMT relates to this transitional space between life and death.

Had worked as a social worker and has experience with these issues.

Looking for:
Script advisor to help organize their ideas
Preferably someone with mental health knowledge.
Visual effects (think Enter the void)

Tariq Omer
True lies (WIP title)
A young man is raised religious and told not to lie. A man is having trouble finding his true love and works on himself while trying to also find love. He learns that when you lie to yourself sometimes the lie can become reality. A woman lies to him when approached saying she has a boyfriend. All the past of what he said in terms of lies starts to become true.

Has beginning of the story

Looking for:
Someone to help with script writing

Notes from Pitch & Planning #29 - Apr. 13, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Laura Girvent Alcalde
Short film – Poetic
About 10 minutes
Shooting in about a month
A prostitute and her life and how she interacts with her clients using tango dancing. Two women. The other sees the proustite very often. She will try to help the prostitute from her circumstances. Switch to abstract dancing with clients. About sex workers who find themselves in very dangerous circumstances.

Looking For:

Sasha Zivkovic
From the fine art world
Feature Film – making a 15 minute pilot to make a bigger film.
Experimental film. Robinson Crusoe in an office. A strange character who follows their own procedures. No dialogue you get caught up in their R&D which ends up looking like artwork. Someone who can’t understand in their isolation. Based in a glass space with wide shots.
Intercut with image sequences. A frame, some rope. He is on an island in a river. This is his personal spot. The island is his terminal phase. He is conducting a funeral, but open ended as to the representation and direction at the end.
May use voice over.
Style of Roy Anderson

Looking for:
Sound board
Camera crew
Actor – theatrical person who acts well with their body.

Ali Ashoori


Asking for projects to produce. Looking for short film scripts, ideas, pitches to help produce your short film. Ready to make a short this year and a feature next year.

If you already have a short or feature send him a screener and he will see if he can get you sales/distribution.

He is also a part of AlefCine Pictures which has a Post production studio and can handle Editing/Coloring/Mastering/DCP creation.

Anastasiia Malysheva – Ukrainian Locations/Costume/Production Designer new to Berlin looking for work.
+380963713041 (WhatsApp)
Has website/portfolio
Looking for work. Wanting to finish her studies.

Notes from Pitch & Planning #28 - Mar. 09, 2022

Here are the pitches from the Pitch and Planning Session last week. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Jean-Michel Brawand
Film Title – Vietnam

2 criminals, a Croatian and a Romanian who don’t know each other have to dig up the body of a young woman and take it to somewhere in Berlin so it can be inspected by a criminal. They then have to dispose of the body. They form a brotherly bond through this act.

Feature film, 2nd one he has directed
5-6 locations
Bulk of shooting take place next week through May.

Deals with history. Meant to invoke the way humans in the 20th century relate to history and don’t know how to deal with collective trauma.

Looking for:

A journey of a girl with telekinetic abilities who must flee her home world to find her love who is more like an uncle/teacher. She needs to rescue him from another dimension. In order to do so she needs to convert to a non-material form in order to cross dimensions.

Sci-fi tragic comedy

Looking for:
1 archiver

Abbas Mohammed Aub
Short – around 15 minutes
Shooting next week 18/3/22

Shooting next weeks. Afghan artistic woman who comes to Germany and tries to find her way. 20 year old woman, who’s life revolves around her brother and her uncle. She has an unexpected opportunity presents itself. She is a Tiktoker, artist and her family is trying to stop her from pursuing this path.

Looking for:
Persian actress

Notes from Pitch & Planning #27 - Feb. 02, 2022

Hello All! We had an amazing Pitch and Planning session last night. For those who couldn’t make it, below are the pitches as best and quickly as I could transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!
Samurai culture – Musashi Miyamoto. An orphan trains with his grandfather to learn the skills and ways of the samurai. He pushes his grandson to his limits. The grandson one day finds out his father is Miyamoto Musashi and that he abandoned him. He wants revenge and to kill his father. In his search for his father he learns about himself and tests his samurai skills.
20-25 minutes script
Shooting 2023
Looking For:
Assistant director
1st AC
Art Dept.
Asian actors
Boy 10 – 15
Boy 15
40 year old man
2 movie pitches
Doors of Berlin
Movie about different doors around Berlin and how they link to the people living behind them. Documentary short film. looking to shoot around March or April 1st ever project
Looking for:
Help to improve the story
2nd Story
A woman in her 30’s with a busy life forgets to focus on herself and loses herself to mental illness. She hears voices that tell her letters and numbers. She can’t make sense of it. She thinks that an inner part of herself is talking to herself. She is trying to find her inner power.
Looking for:
All assistance
Help with story
Has footage of a band called Jazzanova with a small to medium sized following. They recorded a cover album of a well known album and he filmed interviews and B-roll of the band members and will do some more shooting. Will focus on one song that will show how the album was created and the themes behind it.
As he doesn’t speak German, he needs someone to handle the editing of the footage who can speak it. Due by the 2nd week of March 10-20 minutes final piece There is about 20 hours of footage from a 3 Camera shoot
Looking for:
German speaking editor as footage is in German
Paid – but very low budget
Feature Documentary
A woman now in her thirties was adopted by a family in the US from an indigenous community in Colombia. She is learning about her community and her family there. The documentary will focus on her plan to go visit her birthplace and the filmmaker will follow her as she learns about her family there, the cultural traditions, and the story of finding her past.
There will be an application for funding.
Previously released feature documentary about Colombia will be shown at the Miami Film Festival.
Looking for:
Ideas about how to make this story work.
Cinematographer who can work in Colombia and preferably speaks Spanish
Editor who speaks Spanish
Going to Colombia in March to do the ground work ahead of the filming and figuring out the logistics and approvals from community. 
Shooting a short film about one guy attempting to write something creative. One person story in one location.
Looking for:
Editing Sound design
Shooting on Feb 14-19
A young man falls asleep everywhere he goes, he is suffering from hypersomnia syndrome and when he falls asleep he always sees the same woman in his dreams. He clings onto this dream and it starts to make his life fall apart. His friends try to help him but they are not successful. He then meets someone who looks very close to this woman and he realizes he is pursuing a dream and not reality.
English film, 10 minutes
Looking for:
1st AC
13 actors already cast
2 people who invented an App with help from several other google type people. Cut to: 13 people find each other trapped in a basement and they try to figure out how they are connected and what they are doing there. One of them is a criminal. Based upon Ten Little Indians. Collective vs Individual as a theme. A bit surreal.
15-20 minute short film 7 day shoot
Trying to get it to be a TV series Wants to be done with shooting by May
Looking for:
Executive Producer for funding help Production Management
A woman between 2 men and a a contract killer. Comedic Drama and musical. Woman is in a bathroom and has a fight with her boyfriend and meets a guy from a dating app. She then confuses him for a famous politician and everything goes wrong.
40 minutes – German language
Shoot in Spring
Looking For:
All crew positions
Stefanie Schmahl and Ali Ashoori
Stefanie founded AlefCine Pictures, a full service production company that takes care of the whole process from pre-production, through production, and through to sales and distribution. They can actually sell short films for theatrical release.
Ali is very knowledgable in producing and distribution as well as other aspects of filmmaking and is helping Stefanie make the company a success.

There is a studio where they can handle the post production: editing, color, sound.
Website will be released soon.
Looking for:
Accepting pitch decks, a synopsis, or first few pages of a script for short films. Will select movies that they believe in to make these projects happen.
Collaborators of all types to work with the company.
Bubblewrap – Short film
Couples therapy called bubble wrap. Couples get trapped in bubble wrap in a cottage for 100 days. The trapped couples are in a surreal environment reminiscent of a movie by Yorgos Lanthimos. There are many rules to this world. The couples are forced to dig up and eat carrots. They also have to have sex every day, but without any passion or they will get zapped. Thomas and Eliza are the main characters. The film starts at day 90 of 100. They are living this repetitive life, but the end seems near. Eliza is excited to leave, but Thomas is less so. Eliza eventually finds a radish who she then has an affair with. Thomas gets jealous and since the rules of the island say you can’t fight, they dance fight. Eventually Eliza yells at the bubble and realizes it isn’t really there.
Script is ready, looking to shoot ASAP 15 minutes
Looking for:
The two lead actors
Production crew