Pitch & Planning Session

People make films, not equipment. The idea of this event is very simple. Put people who have an idea for a movie and people who want to work on movies in the same room. Let the people with an idea pitch their idea to the room and then let them all meet up and discuss and plan. Like many simple ideas, it is a very powerful one. Without this physical place to meet it’s a lot harder to get a start for people without experience or connections. There are many film networking events going on all the time in Berlin, but this event is focused on helping people get films made. We meet once a month and welcome all levels. Come on down and either pitch your idea or listen to others pitch theirs.


Do you have an idea for a film that you want to make? Do you need help working on the script, planning, shooting, or editing of your idea? This event gives you the chance to pitch your idea and what you need to a room full of people eager to help. You can ask for help at any stage of the filmmaking process. We make sure that this isn’t a pressure filled environment and this event is open to first time filmmakers. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community that invites people to grow and learn. We know how hard it is to figure out how to make your ideas a reality, especially as a beginner, this is the event we wished we had when we just starting out.


Are you excited simply at the thought of working on a film? Maybe you work on film projects that aren’t fulfilling and need to do something more creative. Or you are a student who just graduated and are looking to start applying what you’ve learned. Perhaps you have always wanted to work in film, but didn’t know how to get a start? This event is tailored not only to the people with ideas, but also to those people wanting to express themselves by working on set. This event brings in people from complete beginners to people with years of specialized film experience. The thing that brings them all together is a love of the process and a passion for film.

Pitch & Planning Session #31

Date: Wed. June 8th
Time: 19:30
Space Meduza Bar – 80 Skalitzerstr. 10997 Berlin
Register: Facebook or Meetup

Berlin Film Community

We meet at Space Meduza bar – 80 Skalitzerstr.,  10997 Berlin

Notes from the last Pitch & Planning Sessions


Notes from Pitch & Planning #31 - June 8, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Jonathan Sebunya

Will be creating 4 different short films based on 4 songs he has written and recorded.

The first one ready to be filmed has one piano and one voice
Lyrics from the song for context: “Will it be like when we first met? Will I run away in the end? Will you run away in the end?”
Two people in love looking at each other in going through different emotions.
He has equipment ready to be used to film.

Looking For:
2 actors

Krasi Paskalev
Beginning April he shot a 20 min short film about three scientists from NASA who receive a transmission from an astronaut on the moon. Through their negligence they decide not to help him. Their boss comes in and yells at them. Has Seinfeld vibes.

Looking For:
Someone to create the VFX space ship that comes back down to Earth
Approximately 5 seconds of footage
Small budget
Middle August

90 minute feature film called Joyride about a Berlin couple Irina a 39 year old Ukrainian married to Paul, a German who teaches at a nursery school/ Together they have a 4 year old boy.

Viktor a Theater Director in Ukraine calls Irina to try to leave the country and not join the military. Paul refuses saying it is not his business.

Sofia who has escaped the war and is a friend of Irina wants to go back to Ukraine from Berlin. They decide to take her and bring back Viktor.

Road movie about German fear. Paul is fearful and a pacifist. Their 89 Volvo breaks down. They have plenty of time to discuss sex, relationships, war, and other topics.

They have to cross the border at a non-sanctioned place and after arguing, go to pick up Viktor from a datscha. They learn that he is being held by a lone Russian soldier who wants to defect to Germany. They have a tense exchange with the soldier.

During this Irina reveals to Paul that Viktor is actually the father of what he though was his child and this is the reason she wants to bring him to Germany. Irina gets shot and needs to get to a hospital and pacifist Paul needs to take action. They return to Berlin after things have massively changed.

10-15 days
DP and cast are already on board
Looking for:
All other positions
Script will be in a mix of German, English, and Ukrainian

Catherine Schulze
Short film
3-5 minute long short comedy
Has vibes from The Office And Ricky Gervais in general

A guy who goes to an audition and has to deal with an obnoxious and difficult director. The director leaves the room and someone within the room asks him if he thinks the director is a piece of shit. He answers yes and only after doing so realized that the camera is still rolling.

Looking for:
2 actors – 1 straight person and one comedian
Awkward situational comedy, breaking the fourth wall
Anyone willing to be a part of the crew

One day shoot. As soon as possible. Wry, fun shoot.
Tilting films

Notes from Pitch & Planning #30 - May 11, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Pitch # 1 of 2
The Lifeguard
Teen Thriller

Book series being adapted into a movie

A girl who comes to a holiday island to meet her boyfriend. There are a series of killings. You hear the murder’s and the victim both of whom present an omniscient narrator perspective which may be unreliable. It is a lot of chaos.

Looking for:
Beach setting
Beach tourists
Real lifeguard to discuss the role
People to develop the dialogue

Pitch #2 of 2
Title: I Like NY in June
Judy Galrland movie

Two characters walking through streets after college, doing interviews, getting photos taken for headshots.

Getting a dialogue going explaining what they are going through.

A person with a disability goes through this same events and how their perspective is different.

Based on Shakespear’s Julius Ceaser

Looking for:
Someone to help with script

Yves Guillaume
Coming of age series in a mixed martial arts world.
A boy and a girl come from toxic families
An older MMA fighter becomes a father figure and they form a family like environment. Theme is the family you choose versus the family you are born into. Likely dialogue will be in German.

Looking for:
A writing partner
MMA knowledgeable people

Linda Paganelli
A documentary project with the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.
Multimedia project looking for people who have had issues with gentrification.
Looking for:
Interview subjects – Someone who has had to move due to raising rents, an investor who wants to take over buildings and make more profit, people who have noticed the neighborhood change to a more gentrified one.
Pitch #1 of 2
Masters project
Documentary project. Personal story about relationship with brother. Her brother was admitted to a psychiatric ward. She boards a plane to Hungary and this changes her relationship to more of a mother figure. Story told through pictures from them as they were young as well as using actors to recreate the scenes.

To be shot in June and July

Looking for:
Editor (Spanish would be helpful)

Pitch #2 of 2
Teaser about hair loss and how it impacts men.
Documentary. Filming in the next two weeks.

Looking for:
People willing to talk about their experiences loosing their hair.

D Robert Errey
Short documentary film which will start out educating then switch to the hypothetical and fantastical future. Teaches about dementia. Then shifts to cryogenics and imagines what would happen if someone gets taken into the future. What about someone who suffers from dementia? Also, the idea of dementia being someone who has one foot in another dimension. How would this tie them to the after life? Maybe they are on their way into another dimension? Also how DMT relates to this transitional space between life and death.

Had worked as a social worker and has experience with these issues.

Looking for:
Script advisor to help organize their ideas
Preferably someone with mental health knowledge.
Visual effects (think Enter the void)

Tariq Omer
True lies (WIP title)
A young man is raised religious and told not to lie. A man is having trouble finding his true love and works on himself while trying to also find love. He learns that when you lie to yourself sometimes the lie can become reality. A woman lies to him when approached saying she has a boyfriend. All the past of what he said in terms of lies starts to become true.

Has beginning of the story

Looking for:
Someone to help with script writing

Notes from Pitch & Planning #29 - Apr. 13, 2022

Hi film peoples!!! Here are the pitches from the Pitch & Planning Session this past Wednesday. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Laura Girvent Alcalde
Short film – Poetic
About 10 minutes
Shooting in about a month
A prostitute and her life and how she interacts with her clients using tango dancing. Two women. The other sees the proustite very often. She will try to help the prostitute from her circumstances. Switch to abstract dancing with clients. About sex workers who find themselves in very dangerous circumstances.

Looking For:

Sasha Zivkovic
From the fine art world
Feature Film – making a 15 minute pilot to make a bigger film.
Experimental film. Robinson Crusoe in an office. A strange character who follows their own procedures. No dialogue you get caught up in their R&D which ends up looking like artwork. Someone who can’t understand in their isolation. Based in a glass space with wide shots.
Intercut with image sequences. A frame, some rope. He is on an island in a river. This is his personal spot. The island is his terminal phase. He is conducting a funeral, but open ended as to the representation and direction at the end.
May use voice over.
Style of Roy Anderson

Looking for:
Sound board
Camera crew
Actor – theatrical person who acts well with their body.

Ali Ashoori


Asking for projects to produce. Looking for short film scripts, ideas, pitches to help produce your short film. Ready to make a short this year and a feature next year.

If you already have a short or feature send him a screener and he will see if he can get you sales/distribution.

He is also a part of AlefCine Pictures which has a Post production studio and can handle Editing/Coloring/Mastering/DCP creation.

Anastasiia Malysheva – Ukrainian Locations/Costume/Production Designer new to Berlin looking for work.
+380963713041 (WhatsApp)
Has website/portfolio
Looking for work. Wanting to finish her studies.

Notes from Pitch & Planning #28 - Mar. 09, 2022

Here are the pitches from the Pitch and Planning Session last week. The descriptions are my best attempt to live transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, or want more info, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!

Jean-Michel Brawand
Film Title – Vietnam

2 criminals, a Croatian and a Romanian who don’t know each other have to dig up the body of a young woman and take it to somewhere in Berlin so it can be inspected by a criminal. They then have to dispose of the body. They form a brotherly bond through this act.

Feature film, 2nd one he has directed
5-6 locations
Bulk of shooting take place next week through May.

Deals with history. Meant to invoke the way humans in the 20th century relate to history and don’t know how to deal with collective trauma.

Looking for:

A journey of a girl with telekinetic abilities who must flee her home world to find her love who is more like an uncle/teacher. She needs to rescue him from another dimension. In order to do so she needs to convert to a non-material form in order to cross dimensions.

Sci-fi tragic comedy

Looking for:
1 archiver

Abbas Mohammed Aub
Short – around 15 minutes
Shooting next week 18/3/22

Shooting next weeks. Afghan artistic woman who comes to Germany and tries to find her way. 20 year old woman, who’s life revolves around her brother and her uncle. She has an unexpected opportunity presents itself. She is a Tiktoker, artist and her family is trying to stop her from pursuing this path.

Looking for:
Persian actress

Notes from Pitch & Planning #27 - Feb. 02, 2022

Hello All! We had an amazing Pitch and Planning session last night. For those who couldn’t make it, below are the pitches as best and quickly as I could transcribe them. If you are interested in helping out with any of the projects, please do not reach out to me, but to the person directly. Thanks and see you at the next one!
Samurai culture – Musashi Miyamoto. An orphan trains with his grandfather to learn the skills and ways of the samurai. He pushes his grandson to his limits. The grandson one day finds out his father is Miyamoto Musashi and that he abandoned him. He wants revenge and to kill his father. In his search for his father he learns about himself and tests his samurai skills.
20-25 minutes script
Shooting 2023
Looking For:
Assistant director
1st AC
Art Dept.
Asian actors
Boy 10 – 15
Boy 15
40 year old man
2 movie pitches
Doors of Berlin
Movie about different doors around Berlin and how they link to the people living behind them. Documentary short film. looking to shoot around March or April 1st ever project
Looking for:
Help to improve the story
2nd Story
A woman in her 30’s with a busy life forgets to focus on herself and loses herself to mental illness. She hears voices that tell her letters and numbers. She can’t make sense of it. She thinks that an inner part of herself is talking to herself. She is trying to find her inner power.
Looking for:
All assistance
Help with story
Has footage of a band called Jazzanova with a small to medium sized following. They recorded a cover album of a well known album and he filmed interviews and B-roll of the band members and will do some more shooting. Will focus on one song that will show how the album was created and the themes behind it.
As he doesn’t speak German, he needs someone to handle the editing of the footage who can speak it. Due by the 2nd week of March 10-20 minutes final piece There is about 20 hours of footage from a 3 Camera shoot
Looking for:
German speaking editor as footage is in German
Paid – but very low budget
Feature Documentary
A woman now in her thirties was adopted by a family in the US from an indigenous community in Colombia. She is learning about her community and her family there. The documentary will focus on her plan to go visit her birthplace and the filmmaker will follow her as she learns about her family there, the cultural traditions, and the story of finding her past.
There will be an application for funding.
Previously released feature documentary about Colombia will be shown at the Miami Film Festival.
Looking for:
Ideas about how to make this story work.
Cinematographer who can work in Colombia and preferably speaks Spanish
Editor who speaks Spanish
Going to Colombia in March to do the ground work ahead of the filming and figuring out the logistics and approvals from community. 
Shooting a short film about one guy attempting to write something creative. One person story in one location.
Looking for:
Editing Sound design
Shooting on Feb 14-19
A young man falls asleep everywhere he goes, he is suffering from hypersomnia syndrome and when he falls asleep he always sees the same woman in his dreams. He clings onto this dream and it starts to make his life fall apart. His friends try to help him but they are not successful. He then meets someone who looks very close to this woman and he realizes he is pursuing a dream and not reality.
English film, 10 minutes
Looking for:
1st AC
13 actors already cast
2 people who invented an App with help from several other google type people. Cut to: 13 people find each other trapped in a basement and they try to figure out how they are connected and what they are doing there. One of them is a criminal. Based upon Ten Little Indians. Collective vs Individual as a theme. A bit surreal.
15-20 minute short film 7 day shoot
Trying to get it to be a TV series Wants to be done with shooting by May
Looking for:
Executive Producer for funding help Production Management
A woman between 2 men and a a contract killer. Comedic Drama and musical. Woman is in a bathroom and has a fight with her boyfriend and meets a guy from a dating app. She then confuses him for a famous politician and everything goes wrong.
40 minutes – German language
Shoot in Spring
Looking For:
All crew positions
Stefanie Schmahl and Ali Ashoori
Stefanie founded AlefCine Pictures, a full service production company that takes care of the whole process from pre-production, through production, and through to sales and distribution. They can actually sell short films for theatrical release.
Ali is very knowledgable in producing and distribution as well as other aspects of filmmaking and is helping Stefanie make the company a success.

There is a studio where they can handle the post production: editing, color, sound.
Website will be released soon.
Looking for:
Accepting pitch decks, a synopsis, or first few pages of a script for short films. Will select movies that they believe in to make these projects happen.
Collaborators of all types to work with the company.
Bubblewrap – Short film
Couples therapy called bubble wrap. Couples get trapped in bubble wrap in a cottage for 100 days. The trapped couples are in a surreal environment reminiscent of a movie by Yorgos Lanthimos. There are many rules to this world. The couples are forced to dig up and eat carrots. They also have to have sex every day, but without any passion or they will get zapped. Thomas and Eliza are the main characters. The film starts at day 90 of 100. They are living this repetitive life, but the end seems near. Eliza is excited to leave, but Thomas is less so. Eliza eventually finds a radish who she then has an affair with. Thomas gets jealous and since the rules of the island say you can’t fight, they dance fight. Eventually Eliza yells at the bubble and realizes it isn’t really there.
Script is ready, looking to shoot ASAP 15 minutes
Looking for:
The two lead actors
Production crew