Welcome to the Berlin Film Community!

A Filmmaking Group Making Films Happen.


 We support creatives who want to make a film, are looking to learn filmmaking skills, or want to share their talents and help make a film happen. The group is for people of all levels from complete beginners, to people with experience looking to learn, as well as professionals happy to share their talents, anyone with a love of filmmaking.

Workshops & Seminars

Learn filmmaking skills from working professionals. We teach a range of courses on subjects where we have specialized knowledge. Whether you are a complete beginner or are looking to sharpen your skills in a specific area we can help you. Our workshops are very hands-on and limited in size, making sure you get tailored instruction and ample time for practice. 


Filmmaking is a collaborative and it can be hard to find like-minded people to work on a project. The goal of the Pitch & Planning Session is to give filmmakers of all levels the chance to meet and work on independent projects. This event is for  people with ideas for a film as well as those looking to work on a project.  This event is held once a month and is always an interesting night with lots of different ideas and cool, motivated people.

Drink, Watch, Talk

We host a movie night where we screen amazing short films of all genres from around the world. We call it Drink, Watch, Talk because it is a night of people chatting with each other over drinks and then watching some quality films. We also sometimes have local directors screen their films at our event followed by a lively discussion afterwards. If you have a short film that you would like to present, send it to us!